I've been working on a number of projects recently, including designing a great new range of bed sheets and bringing out my second gift and homewares range at Marks and Spencer, which I'm thrilled with.

Kirstie Allsopp's Home Living Range
Kirstie Allsopps Home Living Range
Kirstie Allsopps Home Living Range
Kirstie Allsopps Home Living Range
Kirstie Allsopp at Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer Kirstie Allsopp Range
Marks & Spencer Kirstie Allsopp Range
Marks & Spencer Kirstie Allsopp Range

Birthday Treats!

September 2012

This beyond beautiful jug and incredibly cool cat were made by my two boys for my birthday just a few days ago at a local pottery café. Can you imagine the sheer joy I felt receiving them? Birthday presents don’t come better than this. Ever.

This was another lovely birthday gift I received, made in Fano in Italy. It’s a hand-embroidered tea towel, painstakingly crafted by an ancient Italian lady (aged 108) in a gift shop her family have owned for more than 400 years. Or so I’m told. Do we think my gift giver has spun me a yarn with this story? Regardless, the hand embroidery is so pretty and I love my new tea towel.

Kirstie's Vintage Home Update

July 2012

We did a lot of up-cycling on the new series, everything from painting and distressing old chairs to dip-dyeing wicker baskets and turning old wedding veils into bed canopies. It has been brilliant fun to experiment and breathe new life into things that otherwise would have ended up in landfill! One of my favourite up-cycling crafts was with British designer Zoe Murphy who screen prints imagery onto retro furniture. I loved this craft so much I ended up buying a set of her revamped vintage drawers for myself, which are now one of my favourite pieces at home.

Jubilee Month

JUNE 2012

June was Jubilee month and I have to admit I went for it, big time. I also had the honour of interviewing HRH Prince Charles at Highgrove. I was really nervous, but I needn’t have worried. He was wonderful and we even sat and had a cup of tea afterwards. You can read the full interview on my press page. HRH Prince Charles interview

New Craft Series

APRIL 2012

We’re making a brand new craft series and we’re looking for people who desperately want a handmade makeover in their home to take part.

So, if you feel your home is more shabby than chic and you’re fed up with faded curtains, mismatching furnishings and flat pack stuff that is falling to pieces then we can help, so please get in touch with our team. 

Or contact the team at craftraisetheroofproductions.com or 0141 427 5880

I’ll update you much, much more when we get going.

Applications for Kirstie’s Vintage Home have closed but check back for transmission dates soon – there are wedding bells this time too!


MARCH 2012

Whenever I have guests over for lunch or dinner I like to dress the table with a few things to make it feel special.  I often use a pretty tablecloth and I always use proper napkins.  They’re small and don’t clog up the laundry basket.  I recently bought these beautiful, vintage French striped linen napkins from a guy at Portobello Market.  He makes regular trips to France and these were one of the treasures he brought back.  They were £1 each!!!  Needless to say, I was thrilled with them and they’ll be used and washed loads...  He’s got lots of stuff, so if you’re at Portobello Market you’ll find him near the covered market area, opposite Thai Rice.  Get in the queue!



I bought this beautiful tiered antique Bird’s Eye Maple piece of furniture as a Christmas present to myself this year.  I have a real thing about Bird’s Eye Maple – it’s one of the rarest woods on the planet with a naturally occurring, distinctive pattern that looks like tiny eyes disrupting the grain of the wood.  Look it up on google to find out more.  I bought it from my mother in law’s shop, The Lacquer Chest on Kensington Church Street – at no discount may I add!  But I absolutely love it for it’s sheer practicality and prettiness. I can never have enough shelves in my house and already these ones are getting pretty full.

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